Groovy Harry Potter Slippers Golden Snitch Size M Calzature Precio: 22.70 (actualizado 17/01/2020 23:37 PST- Detalles)

Material exterior: Poliéster
Revestimiento: Poliéster
Cierre: Botón


When it’s time for the Quidditch match of the century, having stiff cold feet just won’t do! Before the players fly out onto the pitch, they have certainly warmed up carefully. The best trick to keep your little paws magically warm before a long match is to wear a pair of cool Golden Snitch slippers!

The Harry Potter slippers are made of soft and warm fleece and are decorated with the golden snitch and the initials HP on the front. Hunter, seeker or just enthusiastic spectator? No matter what position you usually have during a Quidditch match, you can put your little feet into these magically cosy slippers!

Moblaje afuera: Poliéster
Envoltorio: Poliéster
Obstrucción: Gema
Tonada: Poliéster


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